Steven Adams Says He Accidentally Liked Anti-Melo IG Post

by June 05, 2018

Steven Adams contacted the OKC Thunder to inform them he had accidentally liked an Instagram comment disparaging teammate Carmelo Anthony.

A graphic asked fans to name the most valuable Thunder player, and the big fella’s account liked a comment saying “All of them except Melo.”

Anthony, 34, was traded to OKC last September and put a career-low 16.2 points per game during a frustrating season.

Per The Oklahoman:

Adams realized his mistake and contacted the Thunder early Monday morning to inform the team it was an accident that he liked the comment, per a team spokesman.

Skepticism can rule the day following the social media mishaps and Twitter burner account chronicles Sixers president Bryan Colangelo and former Thunder player Kevin Durant. But the calculated Adams has no track record of disparaging remarks or likes, or making shade-laden posts about teammates or other NBA players via social media.