By Khalid Salaam

Yeah, so I didn’t watch the game. Not any of it. Not one second. I just tuned in to watch the post-game because I was curious about who won. I haven’t watched any basketball in the last week or so. Mainly because I’ve been pretty bored with the playoffs, only allowing myself snippets of viewing time because the inner fan in me still has an interest. I’ve especially focused on missing Cavs games, regarding their style of play as akin to watching someone putting in a new weave. I’ve only watched two Cavs games in the playoffs and that was two partial games in the Jersey series. I know Lebron is great and all but damn it I didn’t care.

Well, it seems that LBJ got one over on me last night. Playing out of his mind and willing his team to a surprising victory. Other than the GS/Dal series and Spurs/Suns, the playoffs has been pretty lame. Injuries, out of control refs, Sternbot’s constipation, etc. I’m sick of it. Yesterday I actually came to the office and read the baseball scores first and caught myself up on the newsworthy events of both the AL and NL. Then after that I checked NBA stuff. Yeah I know, I’m buggin but I blame it on the fact that lately I’ve been dehydrated.

Ben and I have debated/argued for the last year about who is better between Kobe and Lebron and I have always felt vindicated supporting Kobe since Bron has up and down days much too often. The debate is back on now I guess, but I still would take Kobe all day. As for the Pistons, I’m pretty confused about whats up with them. Blaming Flip just seems to easy. Maybe Billups is concerned about his money and even though we as fans think that shouldn’t matter, let’s be real. It absolutely does. Now its cool too debate whether Billups is even that good but that’s BS. He’s a good and sometimes great player. This guy is a former Finals MVP after all (don’t forget) and that means something. This isn’t the Super Bowl where a guy can get two interceptions and win the award, the NBA MVP is always given to the dude who played his tail off. I suspect this isn’t the end of the Pistons. The good thing is that this actually has invigorated me, making me interested in watching the playoffs again. This is great for the L if only for the fact that there is something to get excited about.