T-Mac Not so Willing to Accept the Pressure This Time

by April 16, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

This was Tracy McGrady before last year’s Playoffs, confident and bordering on cocky, saying the fate of the first round Rockets/Jazz series rested entirely on his shoulders. When he failed to get past the first round for the umpteenth time, it led to tears, as these things sometimes do.

This time around, Mac is willing to spread the blame around should his team get an early jump on their summer vacation.

“It’s a team sport,” McGrady said. “We go out there and play as a team, compete as a team. I’m not out there by myself. That’s what I tell people. Don’t single me out.”

“This season, it’s a lot deeper team. And we got a different style of play. There is a lot more motion on the offensive end. I’m not going to put that phrase on me this year.”

Depending on how this crazy regular season’s final night plays out, the Rockets’ first round opponent will either be the Spurs, Suns, or last year’s first round foe, the Jazz. Despite their exceptional play without the injured Yao Ming, Houston will be hard-pressed to make it to the second round.

Smart guy, that McGrady.