Team Leaving; Sonic Legacy to Remain in Seattle

by March 25, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

There’s not a whole lot to be happy about if you’re a supporter of the Seattle Sonics these days. Not only is the team awful, but they’re on their way out of town. But if there’s one thing Sonics fans can hang their hat on, it is this: After the move to OKC, everything about the team (except, uh, the actual team) will remain in Seattle.

During a breakfast meeting for team sponsors Friday at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Southern California, Bennett said he plans to influence the city to accept a buyout. He also told several sponsors that he wants to negotiate a settlement in which the city retains nearly everything associated with the Sonics except the players and coaches.

Forty years of history: Down the drain! Jesus, that’s depressing.

The Seattle die-hards, meanwhile, are still protesting and politely drowning their sorrows in pitchers of beer. As the old saying goes: If you’re going to lose, might as well go down … drinking.