The $50 million Kaveman

By Sam Rubenstein

Let’s talk about this proposed contract offer to the great Chris Kaman, sometimes known as Kaptain Kaveman. going off physical appearance, the only other person making $10 mill a year that looks like him is Hulk Hogan, and I’m assuming the Hulkster makes that much. Why not, he’s a legend. Dauber from the sitcom Coach probably wasn’t pulling in that kind of cake, though I suppose it’s possible (and insane). So, as far as appearances go, this is rare for someone with that particular look. But that’s just the skin deep part of the equation.

I am a big fan of Chris Kaman, basketball player. When it came time for his top 50 spot, I volunteered to write it and here it is. I stated my case, that he is a young banger, 23 years old and getting better, and he brings extra swagger to his team. On the court he contributes to Clipper Ws in many ways, and provides the fans with entertainment. Off the court, he claims to not have a checking account and gives away money to friends. This was when he had a combined $11 million contract. Putting an average of $10 million in his hand over a five year period…

This is such the opposite of a Donald Sterling move, you have to wonder if he’s still alive. After all those years of Sterling refusing to spend money on his own players, it looks like money will be going to a guy that wants to give it away. This is the feel-good story of the NBA season so far.

Kaman takes pride in being the type of guy that money won’t change. This will be a true test. Sure, he’s been a millionaire already, but for some reason $10 mill a year is another level in my eyes. Take a look at his quotes about the contract:

“I’m not going to go for what’s under market value for my position after how I performed last year and what I know I’m capable of.”

All business.

“I know what guys have gotten most recently with Dalembert and Tyson Chandler. I know what they did in their years when they got paid, and I think my numbers are probably a little bit better in some areas.”

Ooooh… using leverage. You’re gonna pay Sterling. The thing is, NBA players are all about this business stuff. Now that Kaman could find himself a $50 million man, dudes will be more motivated to prove themselves against him. I’m happy that the Clippers are going to pay to keep one of their key players. Hopefully he spends his money in reckless and interesting ways like Gilbert Arenas.

What do you think of this contract? The right move? Too much? What’s the deal with this deal?