The Better, Hungrier, Team Won

by June 18, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

What an absolute destruction last night. Completely demoralizing in every way, sure, and yet, not quite infuriating. It’s never a good feeling watching your squad lose – especially on such a big stage – but against the Celtics, you sort of just have to accept it. They were better; they simply wanted it more.

The Celtics absolutely deserved the championship they won last night. I said the same thing following Game Four; nothing has changed since. The Boston Celtics, more than any other NBA team this season, deserved to be crowned as champions.

The hunger behind it all didn’t begin to manifest ifself last night; there were signs of it during the entire series. The C’s just finally put it all together in the second quarter last night, and once that happened, L.A. had no hope whatsoever.

The Lakers wilted under the pressure – and that includes everyone on the roster – and Boston humiliated them in front of the whole world. Let’s just move on…

So, again, congrats to the Celtics and their fans on the organization’s 17th title. May your city’s pact with the devil come to a merciful end soon.