The Carlos Boozer Situation, and Paul Millsap’s Place in it

by December 19, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

In case anyone in Utah wasn’t sure about Carlos Boozer’s plans for this summer, he was helpful enough to clear up the confusion, in an interview with ESPN.

Boozer emphatically declared that he’s looking for a raise after the season, and may the highest bidder win.

“I’m opting out. No matter what, I’m going to get a raise regardless,” Boozer told

“I am going to opt out, I don’t see why I wouldn’t, I think it’s a very good business decision for me and my family, but I’d also like to see what happens with the Jazz and stay here.”

The Utah Jazz, who claim to have never been previously informed by Boozer of this fact, were caught more than a little surprised.

The injured Boozer – he had a second MRI yesterday on his quadriceps tendon – has missed 15 consecutive games, giving his teammate, Paul Millsap, a chance to shine.

Millsap, of course, will also a restricted free agent next summer, looking to pad the stats in his bank account. Can the Jazz afford to keep both of these guys? That’s going to be one tough question to answer for the folks in Utah’s front office.