The Celtics Want Marbury and … Reggie Miller?!

by Marcel Mutoni

At least, they did anyway.

Appearing as a guest on the Dan Patrick radio show yesterday, the former Pacer admitted that Danny Ainge and the C’s – among others – extended him an invite prior to the season.

The Boston Globe has the details:

Former NBA shooting guard Reggie Miller admitted earlier today on the Dan Patrick show that he received calls from both the Celtics and Cavaliers earlier this season asking if he would be interested in playing. It was the second inquiry in the last two years that the Celtics have made into the availability of Miller’s services.

Miller contemplated joining the Celtics before last season’s championship run but ultimately decided to stay in the broadcast booth.

As for the Boston front office, they’re not done with old geezers from the NBA’s past. According to Danny Ainge, the door is still open not just for Miller, but also for the likes of PJ Brown and the recently retired Alonzo Mourning.

No word yet if the Celtics have secretly joined some underground seniors’ league.