The D.A.Y. from my B.E.D.

by March 02, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

Yesterday I mentioned feeling a little under the weather. I was fine at work though. Last night I got home at like 7 and went straight to bed after taking some tylenol night cold medicine. I think that made me even sicker. I had a dream that I was on the court with the Phoenix Suns, but I was inside the ball, and when I woke up I was on fire with a serious fever.

Lang wrote something about the Clippers-Sonics game, and in other action the Mavs beat the Cavs in spite of LeBron’s 39 and Portland beat Charlotte. Feel free to discuss those games below. Dallas has a 14 game winning streak. Remember, they started out 0-4. This means that the Mavs are on a 49-5 extended run, which is craziness.

I’m going back to bed.