The D.A.Y. of giving up on Denver

by February 08, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

I am unbelievably late to the table on this, so if you feel like it you can beat me up with a bunch of I told you so’s, but I recently started watching Lost: Season 1. I know the newest season started last night, up against other programming like the UNC-Duke game, but I’m still way too far behind. DO NOT RUIN/SPOIL ANY OF IT FOR ME. All I can say is that season 1 of Lost is, as they say, riveting. I should have known that I would become obsessed with it, because J.J. Abrams is in my opinion, a genius. I learned that when I watched the final 6 hours or so of season 1 of Alias in one sitting years ago, staying up until 5:30 in the morning when I had to get up at 6 to go to my job at, of all places, a center for the study of sleeping disorders. For those of you who watched the first two and half seasons of Alias (before it became unspeakably horrible), just know that my life revolved around finding meaning in the number 47 and the works of Rimbaldi. Lost is, I don’t want to say better, but equally addictive. Two nights ago I planned on watching one episode and then doing some cleaning around the house, but I watched 4. Last night I went to the gym and (when not watching the White Rapper show while I was on the treadmill. SPOILER ALERT: Step off Jon Boy!!!! Please get rid of Jus Rhyme next) all I could think about was what the hell is that thing in the jungle. I am being pushed to the frayed edge of sanity. And yes, I’ve been watching way too much TV lately and don’t think my new roommate doesn’t point that out.

Oh, that’s right have I mentioned that I now live with my girlfriend? Do you people realize how much of a lifestyle change that is? Everyday at lunch I tell Lang some other detail about how I’m doing more comprimising and he laughs in my face. He’s enjoying my newfound status a little bit too much. It’s been hard trying to go to work and be a professional and pretend like everything is normal when my life is in such a state of upheaval. It’s going well though. I’m much… cleaner. Whoa, let’s move on.
George Bush, you have finally met with greatness. And here’s your token corny pun of the day, it’s a Met with greatness. Whether you are a democrat, republican, libertarian, communist, green, or punk anarchist that respects Justin Timberlake because the guy just flat out makes good music, you have to admit that David Wright should be our leader. By “our” I mean earthlings, not just Americans.

Hey, random thought. The Knicks and Mets each of a too-good-to-be-true great white hope named David. Is there a white guy named David that the Giants can sign? David Carr?

Alright, I want to let the blogger recaps do the talking today. My mission on slamonline before I was promoted was to use my power to give people that aren’t career journalists more exposure, as opposed to worshipping the sound of my own voice – which is basically what I’ve done in this post so far. So, hope you all check out the blogs that handle these game recaps. I’m trackbacking them all, so if your blog gets a weird looking comment because I linked to it from here, sorry. It’s a good thing for both of us though.

Two quick thoughts though: 1) Nice work by the Nets to not blow it against Atlanta with Vince being AGGRESSIVE down the stretch and the Hawks not even bothering to foul with 2 seconds left in a one point game. 2)Melo + Iverson = another disappointing NBA team? If Melo weren’t snubbed for the ASG, the 8th seed would have two All-Stars (just like the Heat. For now).

Okay. Onto the recaps.

NEW ORLEANS 114 DENVER 112. The pain of the Nugg Doctor.








Since there doesn’t seem to be a recap yet of this predictable blowout, you get this amusing post from Mark Cuban.


I know he’s being sarcastic, but I just want to say that reading spam and fighting the war against splogs is one of the highlights of my day. The evolution of spam is one of the disturbing trends of the past year or two. You don’t even want to know how much time I spend weeding out the fake comments from slamonline. Sometimes I get emails that are basketball themed in their subject line and then they invite me to increase my manhood and what not.

Oh, almost forgot about the Hawks-Nets game. Well, the Nets hung on when Josh Childress passed to J-Rich for the shot to win it. Jeremy Richardson. Marvin Williams was kind of dominant down the stretch. But so was Vince, other than his blown dunk.