The D.A.Y. of LeBron over Kobe

by February 16, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

Leaving for Vegas in 10 minutes when Ben will be downstairs in a car to pick me up. I need to thank whoever it was that was yelling down on the street outside after I overslept through my alarm. Thank you. Gotta run to the ATM, cause I simply do not trust ATMs in VEGAS.

So, last night LeBron won the head to head matchup with many free throws and his team won the game. The Cavs seem to be waking up as the Lakers are staggering to the break. Dallas fell behind against Houston, but hung in there and won like they always do. Just a little ho hum 9 game winning streak heading into all-star. Feel free to discuss these games in MUCH more detail than I have. Really have to get downstairs now. There will be updates from our All-Star coverage that you can click to from the main page.

Going downstairs. It’s 5:20 A.M.