The D.A.Y. the Bucks played without Michael Redd

By Sam Rubenstein

I’m not the biggest college football fan in the world, but I watched last night. Congrats to Florida. After the opening kick was run back for a TD, it felt like a 49-3 validation coronation on the way. Nope. Once again, the underdog shocks the world. Florida, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Steelers over ther Colts, even the Miami Heat after falling behind 2-0 to unstoppable Dirk. We need a dynasty to step up, cause the impact of the impossible is being lessened. I’ve never been a fan of Ohio State, cause the one time in my life that I felt the joy of TEAR GAS was when I went there to try and go to a party. Nice work Florida.
Speaking of Ohio State…

Michael Redd, a graduate of the very same Ohio State, has a strained patellar tendon in his left knee. The Bucks were one of the hottest teams in the NBA, and now they are without the fifth leading scorer in the league for 4-6 weeks. How can the East keep getting worse? New prediction for All-Star score: 158-82. In this particular game with the Nugs, Mo Williams who has been one of their more important players this year, left the game with an injury. Iverson was banged up as always, with his toe being the problem this time. Marcus Camby came back from being injured as always to have a 19, 15, and 7 block game. Earl Boykins played 41 minutes and put up 26 and 11. The Bucks made a late run but their leading scorer was Ruben Patterson with 29. In fact, Ruben had 29, 12, 7 and 4 steals. Kind of a monster night for him. Oh well.

Sam Cassell came back from a 7 game injury absence to lead the Clips with 31 off the bench. The Hornets were dominating the game in the first quarter, but that was about it for them. When you talk about a depleted roster, you are talking about the New Orleans Hornets, who are without basically everybody. Desmond Mason led them with 28, Tyson Chandler had 13 and 13, and the Hornets were swept on a four game homestand. Go Saints!

The Bulls got some offense from Ben Gordon and Luol Deng, but none from anyone else. T-Mac scored 15 of his 31 in the fourth, including the go-ahead jumper, and is quietly putting himself into the MVP race while Yao misses time with injury. Rafer Alston shot 2 for 14, prompting Van Grumpy to defend his decision to stay with him “Rafer’s our point guard. He’s gonna be our point guard. If anybody has a problem with that, wants to see a change, it ain’t gonna happen. Everybody can stop all the questions about who’s next. There ain’t no next right now.”