The Detroit Pistons are Terrible, Mad at Each Other

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

After losing their fourth consecutive game to begin the season last night, tensions in the Detroit Pistons‘ locker room finally bubbled to the surface. They’re tied for the worst record in the League, and people are starting to take shots at each other through the press.

Head coach John Kuester once again publicly expressed his disappointment with the team (especially on the defensive end of the floor), but could not escape criticism from one of his own veteran players.

Tayshaun Prince understands Kuester’s concerns, but thinks his coach could also be doing a much better job.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

The Pistons fell to 0-4 for the first time since 1999. So it wasn’t surprising when a frustrated Kuester said afterward that the locker room has a leadership void and needs someone to step forward and add a voice to his. After saying no one is going to have sympathy for the injury-depleted Pistons, he said: “We have to collectively someway or somehow find another voice besides my own that is going to lead us.”

Tayshaun Prince agreed with him — but said Kuester has to share the blame on the horrible start. “He’s right, but at the same time it goes both ways,” Prince said. “We can sit here and continue to get on each other and be vocal, but like I said, the right thing has got to come from him as well as us. It goes both ways. He says we got to be more vocal, he has to do some things better, too. Obviously, we’re 0-4 so it ain’t just the team.” Kind of early for finger-pointing, but it’s pretty obvious the frustration level is high.

Deeeeetroit Basketball!

There’s some chatter in Motown that the Pistons may be targeting either Josh Smith or Chris Kaman as possible trade pieces. I’m not sure either guy can help turn their current situation around, mostly based on the fact that they’d be far too depressed to even bother trying.