The End of Chris Webber’s Career

by March 26, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

One of the most fascinating careers in the history of the game will come to an end today: Chris Webber is set to announce his retirement.

Nearly a month after an awkward landing caused swelling in his surgically repaired knee, Webber is retiring from the NBA, the team announced Tuesday. The 35-year-old forward, a veteran of 15 seasons, will make it official today.

“I’m sorry it didn’t work out,” Warriors Coach Don Nelson said. “It was great to work with him again and get to know him as an adult. I enjoyed our time together.”

An oft-brilliant player on both the collegiate and pro level, Webber will sadly be remembered by most for what he failed to accomplish as opposed to what he did on the floor, and that’s a shame.

I suppose the question now becomes, Will C-Webb make the Hall of Fame someday? His career numbers are certainly eye-popping, but will the voting committee see past the numerous blunders?