The Floodgates are open. Literally.

By Sam Rubenstein

Today is Friday. This has been a very long week. A very long week. I mentioned it briefly in the comments the other day, but now I’d like to elaborate on something. There has been a flood at the office since Wednesday. They tell us the air conditioner exploded or something, and that has led to carpet sogginess, dangerous electrical situations, bad smells, and so forth.

The people most affected by the flood were our web design team, some ad sales guys for XXL magazine, the SLAM art department, and yours truly. The wetness and shock of day one was one thing, but it got much worse yesterday. They have brought in these huge industrial fans to air the place out. One of them is positioned about 19 inches from the back of my chair. It’s loud. It’s annoying. I have to wear a jacket to sit at my desk. I left at 2 yesterday and did a bunch of work from home. As I told Khalid, it reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George has been busted for pretending to be handicapped, and now his company Play Now wants him to quit, so they make things as uncomfortable for him as possible. “Tell him I’M IN MY OFFICE!!!!”

A personal highlight of the week was on Wednesday when Jake Appleman came in to talk business, and I made him go with me to the Home Depot to buy a RAT TRAP. The girlfriend spotted something on the fire escape. She was not pleased. It was fun asking the customer service girl “Where is your pest control?” and seeing the look of disgust on her face.

I’m going back in today. Nervous.

The good news is that we will have our one and only NBA team audio preview posted today. Lang conducted an interview with one of the most polarizing figures in the history of the NBA, a voice of the league who was happy to talk about the team he once played for. Since there are no Eastern Conference previews turned in just yet, you will get the one audio Western Conference preview today and that is all. I should mention that Lang has been on the road this week at a location I am not at liberty to disclose. He will have his Hawks preview next week, as we wrap them up, and finally the season begins.

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Happy early Halloween everyone! I think my costume is going to be Rudy Giuliani. I just need to find a pink Red Sox hat and a prop knife with blood on it to stick through a Yankee jersey.