‘The Game’s Easy for Kevin’: Durant Shoots 12-for-13 vs Grizzlies

by March 28, 2019

Steve Kerr says that Kevin Durant, who went 12-for-13 from the field Wednesday night, “does whatever he wants each game.”

KD told reporters that he became hyper-focused on efficiency in 2009, his second year in the NBA, and started “charting” his shots throughout games.

Stephen Curry added 28 points of his own in the Golden State Warriors’ 118-103 road win against the Memphis Grizzlies.


“The game’s easy for Kevin,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “It just is. I don’t think there’s ever been anybody as skilled at his size in the history of the league, so he just does whatever he wants.”

Durant repeatedly did whatever he wanted against the Grizzlies, hitting from all over the floor, while adding nine rebounds, five assists and two steals in 35 minutes of play. He finished with a game-high +30 and is now 17-for-19 from the field over his past two games.

“2009,” Durant said. “My second year in the league. I started charting my shots and makes and misses throughout the game. That kind of reminded me to take good shots and it keeps me locked in on the flow of the game. So I guess it’s a game within a game.”

Durant’s efficiency left both his teammates and coaches in awe Wednesday.

“When you’re a scorer like that, an all-time great scorer, it opens up a lot of things,” Curry said. “Because there’s a lot of attention on you on the floor. With the weapons we have on this team, him being able to just never be in a rush, finding the open guy and trust that we’re going to get an open shot, and on the back end we can try to create for him as well. That chemistry when we’re all the way dialed in, it’s hard to stop. Over the last couple weeks his game has changed from night to night just on what he sees and how he feels, and it’s been impactful.”

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