The Kelvin Sampson scandal, ending with disgrace?

by February 21, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

Hello there. Over the past few days there has been a horrible, unforgiving virus affecting SLAM workers. The victims so far have been myself and Ben, and now it seems to have traveled north and set its sights on Mutoni. So here I am.

There has been quite the s–tstorm at Indiana University lately, brought on by Kelvin Sampson’s loose recruiting methods. Indianapolis’s WTHR-TV is reporting that Sampson could be out by tomorrow and assistant coach Dan Dakich could finish up the season as head coach.

The source says that by Friday afternoon, Sampson and the university will likely reach a financial settlement ending his employment, or Sampson will be suspended pending termination under the terms of his contract.

NCAA basketball, so pure, so noble. Such leadership and guidance for our youth.
HT: Sportz Assassin.