The Knicks

by Marcel Mutoni

Honestly, I’ve run out of things to say and write about this team. But, they continue to make news (for all the wrong reasons of course), so I must address them. Here’s the latest from Gotham’s lovable losers:

Malik Rose has seen enough: Rose has asked Isiah to keep him on the chilling list and see if he can’t be traded away.

Jamal Crawford is Captain Obvious: Jamal told us what we already knew, namely, that the Knicks don’t play hard every night.

Zeke is bullet-proof: This is the kicker. Despite everything that’s happened over the last couple of years, and another humiliating home loss (the hapless Sixers destroyed New York by 28 at MSG on Saturday night), Isiah Thomas was told that his job is safe.

By now, it’s clear that regardless of what happens on the court, as long as the Knicks keep making money, Isiah could probably walk up to James Dolan, slap him across the face, and he would probably be rewarded with a raise.