The Links: Miami’s rings, Brezec’s exhaustion, Jalen’s new home

by Lang Whitaker

And…we’re off. The season has started, and tonight’s the first real big slate of games that matter. If you guys see funny or weird stuff happen, email me and I’ll add it in The Links somewhere or another.

And remember, as you’re reading The Links this season, if you need to log into a site you can always check here. Not that we condone that or anything.

“I was a very young and exciting player at the time. I was young and full of energy. I was young back then and enjoying the life. I’m quiet and boring now.” — Tracy McGrady.

“My ultimate goal is to continue to have the legacy I’ve been having throughout my career also in the NBA.” — TJ Ford.

“When a guy’s frustrated, he doesn’t score. I want [Korver] to come tell me, ‘Give me the damn ball.'” — Chris Webber.

• It’s hard out here for a Brezec.

• The championship rings are here. The Heat gave out 415 rings to their employees. Michael Lee running away from his predicitions for the is here.

• Jalen Rose is going to choose between Detroit, Miami, Phoenix and the Lakers. Sounds like that buyout worked out pretty well for him.

• Long Q&A with Danny Ainge, who says he understands Boston pretty well. Maybe just not the Celtics.

• Good stuff about Kyle Lowry, but the note at the end about Antonio Burks is rough.

• Tyrus Thomas enjoyed his NBA debut, even if he did break his nose.

• All that talk about the Sixers changing the culture this summer? Not so much.

• The five greatest Sonics in franchise history.

• TJ Ford, cha-ching.

• Marc Spears, the Big Ringmaster, says Nene isn’t big on playing for Brazil next summer.

• Gilbert’s fired up to take on LeBron tonight. And Darius Songaila’s going to have some cut-up on his back. See you in three months, big D.

• Congrats to Linkstigator Nick Collison, who got paid.

• The New York Post wonders if the Knicks doctor screwed up the diagnosis on Jared Jeffries.

• Lot of expectations on Rudy Gay right now.

• Fabio made the BETcats.

• Shoutout to the Rocky Mountain News for recognizing.