The Miami Heat Are Imploding

by Marcel Mutoni

By now, everyone seems to have accepted the fact that at 4-13, the Miami Heat are one of the worst teams in the Association. Well, everyone but the Heat players it appears.

Pat Riley is here to correct the misconception among his troops; the slick-haired coach went on the latest tirade against his lackluster team yesterday. Do enjoy:

“There’s only two teams in the league that have less wins than us. Until we accept that we’re 4-13 and we’re one of the worst teams in the league … then it might not change.”

Riley went as far as to say O’Neal and Wade “have to step up as leaders.”

D-Wade, in an apparent change of heart, says it’s time to play with some desperation. Shaq meanwhile, is unsurprisingly claiming to be unfazed by the turmoil surrounding his team, and takes a thinly-veiled shot at his head coach.

Miami Heat Basketball: Feel the excitement!