The Mo Williams Snub: Tragic, Fraudulent, a ‘Shamockery’

by Marcel Mutoni

At least, according to his teammate, Ben Wallace.

Members of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball franchise were quite vocal after finding out that their point guard, Mo Williams, wouldn’t be heading to Phoenix next month for the mid-season gala.

But none more so than Big Ben, who provided one of the most brilliant reactions of all-time. From the Plain-Dealer:

“It’s a tragedy,” Ben Wallace said. “I think it’s an injustice. It’s a fraud. We’ve got the best record in the league, and we’ve only got one guy going. You always make it the next year, after the year you were supposed to make it. It’s a travesty and a sham and a mockery. It’s a shamockery.”

Shamockery. Love it.

LeBron James was peeved as well, and went on about the “disrespect” that Cleveland hoops continue to get.

As for Williams, the only guy truly affected by this, he didn’t let the so-called nub upset him too much (at least not publicly).