The NBA Is a Better, More Fun Place When the Wizards Win

by December 03, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

So far this season, three storylines have dominated the headlines: The Lakers and Celtics’ grim deathmarch through the rest of the League; LeBron and the summer of ’10; and the wholly depressing Starbury fiasco in New York.

One thing we’ve been sorely lacking is comedic relief from the crew in Washington, mostly because they’ve been too miserable on and off the court to provide it.

Last night, though, things took a turn for the better, as the Wizards got a rare win. They then followed it up with their trademark locker-room antics.

From the Washington Post:

[Nick Young] put on a plaid red shirt and asked Dominic McGuire, “Don’t I look like a model for Levi’s?” “No,” McGuire said. “You look like somebody from [the gang movie] ‘Colors.’ ”

That didn’t stop Young from posing in his threads at different spots in the locker room. He leaned against one wall, turned his head to the side and said, “Abercrombie & Fitch.” Then he walked over to another wall to strike another pose. But as he got set to lean on his right leg, Young bumped his head on a shelf, causing Antonio Daniels to shake his head. After his embarrassing moment, Young then headed to the door, shot up the peace sign and said, “That’s my time, folks.”

If you’re not rooting for this team to win more games, then you simply don’t love this League.