The Overblown Kevin Garnett/Charlie Villanueva Situation

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Depending on where you stand as an NBA fan — morally, comedy-wise, or perhaps even, apathetically — the KG/CV melodrama dominated the conversation throughout the day yesterday, and threatens to continue doing so.

Garnett flatly denied Villanueva’s allegations, and Charlie, of course, stuck by his story. After that, seemingly everyone else on the planet chimed in with their own opinion on the matter.

  • Doc Rivers defended his star. Color me shocked.
  • George Karl, a cancer survivor, expressed disappointment.
  • Ray Allen thinks people need to be careful about what they say to one another, regardless if they’re in the heat of battle.
  • Brandon Jennings (who faced off against KG and the C’s last night), claimed what’s said on the court should always stay there.
  • And finally, I yawned rather loudly.
  • The next Pistons/Celtics showdown, if you can call it that, is set for December 29th. Mark you calendars!

    Here’s to hoping that both sides can come up with more creative ways to insult each other.