The Post Up: 4th Q Collapse

by December 22, 2009

by Holly MacKenzie /@stackmack

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.

Just being home makes me feel better. I had a great flight except for some crazy ear snap crackle and popping on the way down…. yikes to being stuffed up from a cold and flying and now more than a few hours later, I’m still hearing a little funny out of my left ear.

Random me fact: I’m 30 percent deaf in my right ear, soooo I’ve been asking my mother to repeat herself a lot this evening. Luckily, she’s still in the excitement phase of my being home so I’m getting lots of patience. And amazing food. To quote CDR, “yes, yess!”

If you’re following Mr. Douglas-Roberts, you saw him call me out on Twitter yesterday, telling me to take some time off from bball and take care of “my familia.” While I won’t totally be taking time off, I may be a bit scarce in the Post Up’s this week because, shoot, I’m home! Super pumped about it, too.

Okay, so the Bulls dropped more than the ball, they dropped the whole damn world when they fell apart and allowed the Kings to come back from 35 down in the third freaking quarter and get the 102-98 victory. WOW. Huge. Insane. Tyreke Evans, hi, yes, we know you were the Western Conference Rookie of the Month. Yes, we know you’re pretty freaking awesome. Goodness. Evans finished with 23 points and eight rebounds. Rose had 24 points and seven assists in the loss.

Am I allowed to be excited about the last two performances from Derrick Rose? I know, right now is a bad time to be excited about anything related to the Bulls, but he’s on my –awful– fantasy team and he did not look good at all to start the season, and finally the ankle appears to be healed and he looks like he is rounding back into the Rose we all fell in love with last season. I know it’s a little early to get excited, but can you blame me?

Okay, I know. You probably can. It’s a bad day to speak anything positive about any Bull, but Rose, I’m glad you’re getting healthy.

Also, Ime Udoka, nice fourth quarter.

Vinny, Vinny, Vinny. Wouldn’t wanna be you this morning. Not for all of the money and hair product in the world.

Speaking of coaches, where do you think Avery J. will end up next? L. Frank? Byron? There’s a lot of coaches out there I’m looking forward to watching in their next gig, wherever they end up.

Finally the Bucks got a W, although they found themselves in another close game. This time they won 84-81 against the Pacers and Andrew Bogut was huge with 31 points, 18 rebounds, three assists and three blocked shots.

J.J. Redick had himself a game last night, helping the Magic take down the Jazz, 104-99. Redick scored 20 points and the Magic shot 9-for-21 from downtown as they pulled away late to get the W.

Exciting new for the Magic? Jameer is back, baby. He played limited minutes, he missed all six of the field goals he attempted, but he’s back, he’s back, he’s back. Always good to see guys back on the court, doing what they love, where they belong.

21 points, nine rebounds and five blocked shots for Dwight. Love to see him jacking up his blocks per game. It’s like it is so easy for him, when he wants it to be. Come on, Dwight, keep wanting it.

Interesting that Shaq got some boos and cheers on his return to Phoenix. Shaq’s an interesting character, isn’t he? He’s one of the most loved personalities, the most dominant of my time and yet, he seems to burn a lot of bridges and really rub people the wrong way as he goes about his NBA journey.

The Cavs dominated the Suns in the fourth quarter, outscoring them 27-16 as they took the 109-91 victory, giving Phoenix their first home loss of the season.

Bron watch: 29/6/4/2

Mo Williams also had 24 points, six rebounds and five assists. Delonte West added 12 points and six assists off of the bench.

Question: What the hell has happened to Richard Jefferson in SA?

Damn, Chi fans. I’m feeling for you today. 35 points, hey? I’d say that stings, but that’s not strong enough to express it. Yikes.