The Post Up: Blazers Nation

by December 23, 2009

by Holly MacKenzie / @stackmack


You all have my sincerest thoughts. I just don’t know what to say in a time like this. I felt like this with Greg Oden, now Joel Przybilla goes down and is out indefinitely with a ruptured patella tendon and a dislocated patella in his right knee.

There really are no words.

How one team can be dealt injuries like this so close together, I know, we will say it’s part of the game, but wow. Nate McMillan’s response said it all: Hands on his head, face halfway between cringing and smiling because this can’t be life. Only it is.

Aghh. Sucks. Isn’t any other way to put it. Stay strong, Blazers nation.

While we’re talking about things that didn’t make us happy, Shaun Livingston. You all know how much I love this guy, because many of you love him just as much. Growing up on SLAM, seeing the then 15 year old SL in the mag when I was 15, yeah, I thought I’d get to cover him as his career unfolded. Hasn’t quite turned out like that yet and the Thunder waived him last night as they brought in Eric Maynor from Utah.

Now. This does just suck. Livingston went through this last season and bounced around a bit before being picked up by Oklahoma City. I still believe he will get picked up again. I just hope it’s sooner than later. If there is one guy who has worked so very hard to get back and play the game that he loves, it’s Shaun. Add in the fact that he’s one of the nicest, most humble people you will ever meet — we’re talking people, not just professional athletes– and I just want to see it work out for him.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m home in Nova Scotia and my mother doesn’t have League Pass. I have Broadband, but can’t lie, I didn’t really watch much bball last night. I saw the Lakers/Thunder and some of the Knicks/Bulls (a game I was convinced the Bulls would win, taking their anger out on the Knicks from the night before, but nope… I was wrong), but the majority of my night was spent with my mother.

The Lakers did not look good through most of the first half last night. Kobe looked great, until he went down funny and gave me a heart attack. From looking terrified and not okay, to hearing the MVP chants as he hit free throws down the stretch, the Lakers executed when they needed to, but damn, a Russ Westbrook three rattled in and out before the LA crowd could breathe easily. 21 points, seven rebounds and 13 assists for Westbrook in the loss. KD had 30 before fouling out late.

Kobe watch: 40 points, eight rebounds, six assists, two steals. Five more turnovers, but he made up for it. Another 40 point night. Another W.

About the NBATV coverageL I’m loving McHale and C-Webb on the panel. Thought it was funny when Webb was talking about the Thunder at the end of the game, not having a timeout.

I also enjoyed Gil Arenas dropping in 31 points and eight assists as he led the Wizards over the Sixers in Washington last night. He looks more like himself out there. He looks comfortable. Of course it was going to take time. I think a lot of people thought he’d just BE the player that he was two years ago. That’s a long time to be away from the game on a nightly basis and even more than the physical rhythm and conditioning, it’s the mental game that needs to return. Knowing when to attack and trusting yourself to do it. Getting that feel for the situation, the extra instinct that a lot of players may never have. Gil’s getting there.

I’m thankful.

I mentioned this yesterday, but I still cannot believe that Lou Williams is back from a broken jaw. That’s just wild.

That’s really all I’ve got for today.

Oh, wait. 33 points and 18 reobunds from Zach Randolph in a Memphis victory over the Warriors. He is really, really doing it big in Memphis, hey?

And…. Carl Landry ties his career-high with 27 points in his first game back since having his dental surgery and fixing his teeth. Hope he was flashing his smile after that game. He deserved to.