The Post Up: Bron’s Good

by Holly MacKenzie / @stackmack

And after a jam-packed MLK Monday, we went back to a quiet Tuesday with only two games on the schedule. I didn’t quite know what to do with my evening when I had to sit down to write after the games were over. I’m used to a background of NBA action. I ended up choosing the Australian Open instead.

I had to liveblog the Raptors/Cavs game and even though Toronto lost 108-100 — and fell apart in the fourth– I was still satisfied with the game. Truly, the Cavs gave them about eight different chances to take control of the game in the fourth quarter if they wanted and the Raptors shot themselves in the foot. Missed free throws, horrible shot selection (off-balance, fadeaway three pointers? Yikes), a divergence from the closing line up of Jarrett Jack and Jose Calderon that we’ve become accustomed to seeing (Jack remained on the bench), Bosh fading down the stretch where he’s been so good all season, there was a combo of things that went wrong for the Raps, but still, they hung with a Cavs team that is much, much improved from the one that they defeated in Toronto on opening night.

It wasn’t a bad loss.

LeBron is insane. You think, “Oh, looks like he’s had a good stretch here, better check the box score,” and you realize just how involved he was for his team and how he was so much better than you had imagined.

28 points, nine rebounds, 11 assists, three steals and three blocked shots.

He’s pretty good. Even if he doesn’t participate in the dunk contest. To everyone that’s saying he’s selfish and denying the fans what they want to see, I ask this: What if he realized he’d be a shitty contest dunker and is only good in games and he withdrew himself from the competition so he didn’t disappoint for the sake of the fans? Hmm.

I will say this: Shaq, hush up. Kobe and Vince, etc., never wanted to be any part of this in the first place so don’t throw them under the bus. Kobe is probably trying to keep the fingers and back healthy for a playoff run. As much as LeBron wants ring number one, you know Kobe wants five just the same. Health is likely the reason why LeBron will avoid the competition and that’s fine, but his teammate needs to stop speaking on something that just doesn’t make sense.

Besides, seeing Vince dunk now would just depress me. It would remind me of hops and days gone by. Who wants that? I sure as hell don’t.

Okay. The other game of the night was between the Heat and Pacers. It wasn’t so much of a game as it was a blowout in Miami’s favor. The Heat dominated the Pacers, winning 113-83, jumping out to a 17-point lead after the opening quarter and shooting 56 percent to the game. In comparison, Indiana could barely hit a shot, shooting a dismal 36 percent.

Dwyane Wade finished with 32 points and Michael Beasley added 21 and 10 boards. Brandon Rush had another strong game for the Pacers with 17 points and 10 rebounds, scoring his 17 on 7-for-9 field goals.

I didn’t see much of that one, but truly, it didn’t seem overly eventful. If it was, tell me what I missed.

Also, give me your take on this Shaq talk on the dunk contest. Who was the oldest guy in recent history to participate in the contest? I kinda think it’s meant for the young guys, right?

If you didn’t hear, Sam Dalembert is not with the team right now because he is on his way to Haiti. Thinking of him and giving thanks for all he’s done to speak up, out and for his home country in this trying time.