The Post Up: Cavaliers Come Up Short

by February 08, 2008

By: Holly MacKenzie

After being pumped up for this Golden State game for days I was pretty disappointed that they lost. I shouldn’t be surprised because having a layoff of more than a couple of days always seems to be tough. The Webber drama wasn’t really dramatic at all, although it was hilarious how TNT kept on giving us close ups of the guy gasping for breath in the third quarter while his lungs were burning. Even though they lost my play of the night has to be the Baron dish to Pietrus for the huge dunk just before the half. Get out of the way Nocioni.

(And, cut your hair while you are at it, please).

Jax was sort of losing his mind in the second half of the game last night. I always get a little scared when this occurs because I don’t want anything more than the first technical to happen. He’s done such a good job at controlling all of his energy and passion this season. People can call him crazy, but I agree with Nellie; I’d want him on my team any day. He IS the heart and soul of any team he is on.

Really… Frustrating to watch the Cavaliers play the Rockets. I know Drew Gooden was out but, wow, Cleveland just looks like they are missing some important piece (s). I feel for Bron who does it all nightly. When your team loses and you play fantastic does it feel like a wasted performance? It looks like one when it is considered how many big games he puts up all on his own. Will there be another big trade, this time with Cleveland involved? I think I agree with Charles who said it was a fluke that the Cavs made the finals. Not that Bron isn’t talented enough to get them there -if I have learned one thing it is never to bet against players like Kobe or Bron– but, even if they were to get there, they are not going to defeat whoever comes out of the West. It will be interesting to see if anyone else in the West does gets in on the trade-game.

Will Artest remain in Sacramento?

Charles talking about betting on the damn Patriots. The three guys joking that Jordan should have been traded when he was on the Wizards. Oh, I love Thursdays.

Tracy Mcgrady looked ridiculously ill last night. Too bad that I mean that in the health sense and not in the, “sick move” sense. It’s been awhile since we’ve had those games from Tracy.

Enough of this Shaquille O’Neal in Phoenix talk. Looking forward to Marion and Banks in Miami. Especially since Riles has said he plans on giving Banks lots of minutes to finish out the season. I’ve liked him for a while and I have wanted to see him get time to see what he would do with it. Come on Banksy, lets go!

Saw some Kobe postgame interview clips from the Atlanta game. The guy is hands down the best dressed in the L. His wardrobe kills me and his frame seems like it was made to show off his suits.

I know we have already covered it, but I need to mention Chris Paul again. The more I think about this guy and Deron Williams too, the more excited I get for them to continue to improve and grow and go up against each other year after year. We really are lucky to be able to watch this.

Ben Wallace airballing two free throws. Finishing 0-7 at the line. The most misses at the foul line without making any in the game? Shaq who finished 0-11. I just can’t seem to escape the guy tonight. I’m sure Russ was enjoying the Ben show.

Pretty hyped for this Laker/Magic game tonight. Hope Kobe’s finger is feeling better or that they have figured out a better way to tape it then the usual since it was giving him some trouble but, lets have fun watching Pau feel his way around.

LeBron James is coming and he coming fast” –Barkley

Houston 92 Cleveland 77

Even with an ailing Tracy McGrady, the Houston Rockets were able to pick up the 92-77 decision against the Cavaliers after holding them to only 39% shooting as well as out-rebounding them by 20 (55-35) in their game last night. This rebounding advantage was possible with the absence of Drew Gooden who missed the game because of a strained groin. While the first half was close and had Houston leading by only one, the Rockets went into the fourth up 72-59 after outscoring Cleveland 32-20 in the decisive third quarter. While LeBron James did his best to lead the Cavs back, they would get only as close as six points the rest of the way through. Yao Ming led Houston with 22 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists while Rafer Alston scored 17 points and dished 9 assists and Shane Battier had 15. Bonzi Wells had 13 points and 10 boards off of the bench and Luis Scola added 10 points. James led Cleveland with 32 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocked shots but got little help as Larry Hughes was the only other Cav to reach double figures with 13.

Philadelphia 101 Miami 84

Freed of Shaquille O’Neal who has been sent to Phoenix, the Heat went into Philadelphia without both Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks as they await physicals in Miami. Shorthanded, the Heat were unable to keep up with the 76er’s early and after losing Alexander Johnson with a sprained ankle in the second half, their list of available players dwindled down to only eight and they watched helplessly as Philadelphia went on a 12-3 run after holding a three-point advantage at the start of the fourth to close the Heat out. After going up by nine early in the fourth they went on to outscore Miami 26-12 in the final period as the Heat shot only 31% for the game. Andre Iguodala had 25 points and 8 rebounds to lead Philadelphia, Andre Miller scored 21 points to go with 6 rebounds and 7 assists and Willie Green had 14. Thaddeus Young added 11 points and Reggie Evans grabbed 14 rebounds to go with his 8 points. Dwyane Wade had 19 points for the Heat but shot only 5-17 from the floor. Dorell Wright had 16 points and 10 rebounds, Mark Blount had 15 points and 10 boards and Jason Williams added 14 in the loss.

Chicago 114 Golden State 108

In Chris Webber’s first game back with the Warriors he played 12 minutes and scored four points. In Chris Duhon’s biggest game of this season, he finished with 34 points and walked away with the win as he helped the Bulls snap an eight game losing streak in Golden State. After leading 32-23 at the end of the first quarter, the Bulls would hold onto a three-point advantage at the break. In the second half of the game Chicago wore Golden State down with their execution and the undermanned Bulls won the game without Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng. The Warriors were able to cut the lead down to 101-100 with 2:16 left in the game but the Bulls took control back by reeling off seven straight points to bring the lead back to eight with 45 seconds left in the game. In the final seconds, the Bulls connected on their free throws when they needed to and the Warriors were unable to recover from the 37-point final quarter that the Bulls gave them. Duhon finished with 34 points and 9 assists while Joe Smith had 27 points and 8 boards and Tyrus Thomas had 15 points off of the bench, including 13 in the final quarter. Monta Ellis had 25 points to lead the Warriors as Andris Biedrins had 12 points and 18 rebounds, Baron Davis scored 22 points to go with 8 assists, Al Harrington had 20 points and Stephen Jackson added 19 in the loss.