The Post Up: Celtics Making History

by December 12, 2008

by Holly MacKenzie


Feels good, doesn’t it? For whatever reason, this week kicked my ass. I’ve got Chris Paul and the Hornets coming through on Sunday to face the Raptors and then Vince, Devin and the Nets on Tuesday, Dallas and my boy JJ Barea on Wednesday and then….I fly HOME.

I absolutely love this city, but I cannot wait to have two weeks at home with my mom and friends. How is it the middle of December already? I am excited for Christmas visiting, then I’m excited for one of my favorite people to fly in to see me in January (I get to play tour guide which is going to force me to learn this city!), and then All-Star will be here before we know it.

This year and NBA season is flying by. I think I may hate the fact that fans can vote for the All Star starters. Yes, I’m a fan first, but yuck. There are always choices they make me crazy. Let’s name our All Star teams in the comments, okay?

Thoughts on Iverson potentially getting voted in? Those Celtics sure are popular this season. Greg Oden just made me shake my head.

Kobe’s webcast unveiling his new shoe was just awkward yesterday. I saw our own DeMarco Williams asking a question and that was the highlight for me. The press conference/webcast was held in a local high school and the kids were subdued for being with Kobe. The whole premise was just a bit off. I didn’t like it. The shoes do look ridiculously light, though.

Critt with 6 minutes and 4 turnovers. I still believe. He just needs minutes and time to make mistakes. I’m convinced of it.

Thoughts go out to Cuttino Mobley, who announced his retirement yesterday. Thank goodness for that trade to New York. What a blessing it has turned out to be, as it uncovered the fact that his heart condition was more serious than previously thought. Wishing Mobley all of the best from here on out.

So, this might sound crazy, but hear me out. Chauncey Billups. MVP. Maybe? Perhaps? Kinda? I know, I know, but really, the team he left is in disarray and the team he’s gone to, well they are looking great, playing great and suddenly have that attitude that winners have.

Of course, I’d still give the award to LeBron right now because his Cavaliers are sitting very pretty at 19-3, but Billups has shocked the hell out of me. And, I like it.

Boris and Raja are supposed to be making their debut with Charlotte on Saturday night. I’ll be watching to see how Raja especially fits into the lineup. I still don’t get this trade, even after you all broke it down yesterday.

You guys all know that Jarrett Jack is Chris Duhon’s cousin? The things you learn while reading media guides.

Check Dave McMenamin’s, piece over at Giving a rundown of some of the rookie hazing he’s seen so far this season, there are gems like Robin Lopez having to fetch dinner for a Suns vet from the media room and Joey Dorsey’s “Rook#15” nameplate. I love the NBA.

Barkley is also pretty funny. He’d be even funnier IF I got TNT here in Canada. Russ kept me up to date pretty well, but the real thing would be nice.p

Oh yeah, the Celtics are off to their best start in franchise history.

Boston 122 Washington 88

Well, the new guys got some burn for Washington. That’s about the only positive to come out of this game for the Wizards. 122-88. The Celtics rolled easily to their 21st victory of the season and now stand at 21-2. This marks the best start in franchise history. On the flipside, the Wizards have dropped to 4-16 and it’s going to take more than two new guards to make them better. At the end of the first quarter, after going on a 19-5 run, the Celtics led 36-21 and they only increased the lead from there. Kevin Garnett played only 27 minutes but still finished with 11 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists while Ray Allen and Paul Pierce each scored 22. The Wizards were led by Caron Butler’s 19 points as Antawn Jamison and Juan Dixon scored 17 apiece.

Dallas 95 Charlotte 90

It may not have been the prettiest of wins, but it was a win. Having never lost to the Charlotte Bobcats, the Mavericks were not about to start last night. While the Bobcats were shorthanded the day after a trade that sent Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley to Phoenix, they still more than put up a fight as they found themselves down only one in the final minute of the game. It was a steal by Jason Kidd that led to a three-pointer from Dirk Nowitzki to put the Mavs up four and Second to 1give them the lead for good. Nowitzki finished with 23 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists for the Mavericks. Jason Terry scored 26 points, including 11 points in the final quarter and Kidd added 12 points and 7 assists. Emeka Okafor scored 27 points and pulled down 17 rebounds for the Bobcats while Raymond Felton scored 16 points and D.J. Augustin added 9 points and 10 assists in the loss.

Utah 97 Portland 88

Even without Carlos Boozer, the Utah Jazz still look good. Would we expect anything less from one of Jerry Sloan’s teams? Against the Blazers last night, the Jazz took care of things in the first half by outscoring Portland 28-19 in the second quarter to take a 57-46 advantage into the break. In the second half Utah continued to be solid and held off all Portland attempts at a comeback. In the absence of Boozer, Mehmet Okur led the Jazz, scoring 27 points and grabbing 10 rebounds on the night as Deron Williams finished with 14 points and 11 assists and Paul Millsap continued his strong play, scoring 17 points to go with 12 rebounds. Brandon Roy did everything in his power to will his team to a victory, but it wasn’t happening, despite his 33 points. LaMarcus Aldridge scored 22 points and Rudy Fernandez added 10 off of the bench.