The Post Up: Celtics Steal One In Atlanta

by December 18, 2008

by Holly MacKenzie

I’m in Nova Scotia!

Had a hell of a day yesterday, which I’ll tell you all about soon, but for today, we are light on Posting Up because I just got in, I’m home with my mom, it’s 12:53 a.m. and I’ve got lots of food to eat!

I did catch the Hawks/Celtics game on the plane. Wow. Those Hawks just know how to push Boston’s buttons. The Celtics were lucky to escape with that victory last night. I was pulling for Joe Johnson to hit that second free throw with all of my might and I definitely hopped up and did a mini-celebratory fist pump on the drive that put him on the line, drawing some stares from the people sitting around me on the plane.

Rondo. I love him.

Chris Paul got the steals record! 106 consecutive games with a steal. Rondo is the next closest among active players with a whopping 22 games. Shows just how absolutely ridiculous Chris Paul‘s anticipation is.

Just checked ESPN’s headlines and noticed that Brand dislocated his shoulder tonight. Ouch, Grand theftPhilly fans.

Nathan Jawai has been cleared to start practicing for the Raps. After seeing the guy day in and day out sitting quietly at his locker pregame, I’m so happy to hear that he’s healthy and able to start practicing and working towards the real dream of playing in the NBA.

Speaking of the dream of playing in the NBA, got to catch up with my longtime favorite, J.J. Barea yesterday. Our talk was brief, but we’ve got a phoner set up, and I cannot wait to pick his brain and remind him all about his tournament in Halifax five years ago. As soon as I said, “What does it mean when I say the words Halifax, Nova Scotia to you?”, his face broke out in a huge smile. I love that guy. So freaking thrilled, absolutely over the MOON that he is getting time and showing that talent he’s had all along.

Okay guys. Fill me in. Let me know what I’ve missed. I’m so happy to be home!!!!!