The Post Up: Dwyane Wade’s Balling

by December 22, 2008

by Holly MacKenzie

Good Morning, greetings from Nova Scotia!

And, man is it cold here. We got hit with a snowstorm last night and have a white winter wonderland all over the place. I’m happy there will be snow for Christmas, but I could do without the freezing cold wind. Particularly because I only brought one pair of boots with me and then took them in get the lifts on the heels fixed and now I’ve got stilettos and a pair of flats, all of which can only be worn with bare feet.

Eeeek. It’s been cold. Ha!

So, my Lakers. Some of you made fun of me awhile back for saying they need to get their focus right, and well, I was right. Losing to Miami and then Orlando, unacceptable. Yes, the matchup between Dwyane and Kobe was a great one, but still, these Lakers should not be dropping Only in Miamigames like this. Not with the way they started out the season.

I’m frustrated with the focus, and effort, late in games.

Frustrated with news that Jordan Farmar has torn the lateral meniscus in his knee.

I’m also relieved that I’m not a Pistons fan. Really, how wrong was I, loving the Iverson trade immediately after it happened. While I was unable to catch their latest Sunday loss (this time to the Hawks), I’ve been catching word that Curry benched Iverson late and AI was none to happy about it. It also sounds like the other vets are out of control with the technicals and complaints flying around and that Rodney Stuckey is the voice of reason, trying to keep everyone together.

Step your game up, Pistons. Figure it out.

News that Glen Big Baby Davis was in a car accident on the way to the Cs game against the Knicks brings well wishes his way.

Speaking of the Celtics, I’ve got to mention my Rondo-Watch. 26/6/5 to go with 2 steals yesterday against N.Y. With all of the people who want to talk Rondo down, I have decided I’m going to do my part to talk him up, like he deserves. Love that kid.

Jamal Crawford. 50 points. Golden State win. No one knows/watches/cares. It’s tough to be a Warrior right now.

Kobe scoring 41 and losing to the Magic who were killed by Jameer. And, a  Dwight who made big free throws late. Blah.

Dwyane Wade doing his part to keep himself firmly into the MVP talk.

The Nuggets rolling over and dying in their game against the Cavs this past Friday night, which was also my first night live-blogging for The Score. That was annoying.

The best moment of the weekend came during halftime on Friday, when Avery Johnson and Bill Walton talked about the Harris/Kidd trade. I absolutely love Avery. Also love Harris for "Listen, I'm going to embarass you now..."dropping 41 and 13 on Kidd and the Mavs. Gangster.

And finally, just because I can, Syracuse is 11-1. This makes me happy.

Boston 124 New York 105

Another great game from Rajon Rondo, another solid performance from the Celtics and another win. This time, tying the club record for consecutive victories at 18. Dropping the Knicks 124-105, it was Rondo who came up big in the third, with the C’s trailing 63-62. Rondo scored 18 of his 26 points in the quarter as the Celtics went ahead by as many as 12 in the period. In the fourth, the C’s continued to roll and now sit at 26-2 on the season. Ray Allen scored 18 points for Boston as Kendrick Perkins had 12 points and 12 rebounds and Paul Pierce added 17 points. Quentin Richardson scored 29 points for the Knicks while Chris Duhon scored 20 points to go with 10 assists (but 6 turnovers), and Nate Robinson added 23 off of the bench.

Atlanta 85 Detroit 78

Another Sunday game, another loss for the Pistons. This time with an angry Allen Iverson, an ejected Rip Hamilton and a Michael Curry who was not at all happy. With Iverson allowing Mike Bibby to go off, scoring 27 points on the night, he spent some of the final minutes of the game on the bench. After a non-call and Rip getting ejected from the game, Iverson was thrown back onto the court where he wanted nothing more than to pass the ball, even when open.  At the end of the game, it was the Hawks who stood victorious, attempting 22 free throws to the Pistons 7 attempts. Joe Johnson scored 19 points for the Hawks while Al Horford had 11 points and 11 rebounds. Rodney Stuckey and Rasheed Wallace each scored 20 points to lead the Pistons as Rip Hamilton added 16 in the loss.

Dallas 97 Washington 86

While the Wizards hung around early, they stumbled late, as the Mavericks used a strong fourth quarter, outscoring Washington 28-18 on their way to the 97-86 victory, dropping Washington to 4-21 on the season. The Wizards shot only 39 percent from the floor in the game and had only two more assists (18), than turnovers (16). It was a sloppy Sunday as the Mavericks won despite starting point Jason Kidd going 0-7 from the floor and finishing with only 1 point to accompany his 11 assists. While Caron Butler did what he could to cut the deficit, he couldn’t get his team any closer than five down the stretch. Dirk Nowitzki finished with 23 points and 9 rebounds, Josh Howard had 17 points and Jason Terry scored 25 off of the bench. Antawn Jamison led Washington with 22 points, Butler finished with 18 points and Mike James added 17.

Cleveland 102 Oklahoma City 91

After completely dismantling the Nuggets on Friday night, the Cavs continued their winning ways yesterday against the Thunder. While Oklahoma City was coming off of only their third win of the season (against the Raptors, Saturday night), they were no match for Bron and Co. While the Thunder kept up for the first three quarters, a 12-4 run late in the game extended the Cleveland lead to 18 and the Cavs rolled from there. Bron finished with 31 points and 7 assists as the Cavs shot 55 percent from the floor for the game. Mo Williams scored 20 points and Delonte West continued his strong play of late with 18 points. Russell Westbrook led Oklahoma City with 24 points and 11 assists as Kevin Durant scored 26 points and Jeff Green added 16 points and 10 rebounds.