Post Up: Get Well Soon BRoy

by April 13, 2010

by Holly MacKenzie / @stackmack

It’s the day before the final day of the regular season and I slept in. Think it’s my body’s way of telling me I’ll be catching up on sleep as soon as a new champion is crowned? I’m thinking yes. Going to keep this short and sweet so you all are not wondering where the hell the Post Up went.

To sum up last night: Another Raptor went down with an injury and the Blazers pulled out a gutty, gutty victory against the Thunder without Brandon Roy in action. Sounds about right.

Sonny Weems went down with an ankle injury in the final minutes of the Raptors’ 111-97 victory over the Pistons, while the Blazers learned they will be without Roy for a bit as he sustained a torn meniscus after colliding with Lamar Odom on Sunday afternoon. It just feels wrong for the Blazers to have to lose their best player after they’ve dealt with so many injuries this season and still fought hard enough to make the playoffs.

I hate that. I also hate thinking of Roy debating surgery now or playing through playoffs and then getting his knee fixed. He should be prepping for the Blazers first round series. News of that injury made me a little angry with the Basketball Gods. It also made me think about Nate McMillan and how he manages to get the most out of every player on his roster, whether they’re starting or barely getting off of the bench. I still can’t decide between Brooks and Skiles for coach of the year, but man, Nate’s good at what he does, too.

Speaking of Brooks, with the Blazers victory, the Thunder’s first round series against the Lakers has been set. That should be a fun one, I just wanted them paired up with the Jazz for round one. Yes, I’m greedy like that. With the way the Lakers have been struggling, it will be interesting to see if they can pull it together to down the Thunder, or whether OKC can pull off the upset.

In the East, the Raptors win against the Pistons means they’ll be scoreboard watching tonight as the Bulls play the Celtics. I’ll bet Canada hasn’t ever rooted so hard for Boston as they will tonight.

I read on Twitter that the Spurs have now had 11-straight seasons with 50-wins. That’s pretty remarkable and is a reflection of the way that organization is run. Seeing them run all over the Nuggets in Denver on Saturday, they suddenly looked very good at the right time. Even without George Hill.

Thoughts on Aaron Brooks for Most Improved Player? I haven’t given that award a lot of thought. I do know Hill would be up there for me, with that one.

And while the rest of the NBA is doing their thing, the Mavericks are quietly getting things set up for playoffs, taking over the number two spot in the Western Conference and playing some of their sharpest basketball of the season. Dirk looks great, Kidd’s doing what he does and last night, our fave, Roddy Beaubois started and showed some more of why Mark Cuban and the Mavs are in love with his game.

Oh yeah, the Izod’s closed. For good. our guy Russ Bengtson was in the house as the lights went down on this disastrous season for the Nets.