Post Up: Kobe Winnin’ Games

by Holly MacKenzie/@stackmack

Another day, another (thousands of) dollar(s) earned.

Kobe Bryant. Broken Finger. Seven Turnovers. Game winner.

I know, I know, our boy Bogut was robbed out of a charging call (and hilariously let us know his thoughts via Twitter), but that’s what happens when you’re going against a 14 year NBA vet and MVP. Just the way the game goes. Can’t lie, I was pretty choked about the call, too, but after the game winner I was happy. I just love watching people rise above the pressure time and time again.

The Bucks deserved that game though. This is the NBA and there is no time for moral victories, but that was as big of one as I’ve seen this season.

Pau had 26 points, 22 rebounds and four blocked shots for the first 20/20 game of his career.

Those damn Wizards. They need some wizardry, quick. A 112-109 loss to the Kings, another fantastic game from Tyreke Evans and I just can’t stop pulling for Gil. Evans finished with 26 points, six rebounds, sixk assists and two blocked shots. If my eyes were not deceiving me, he also had a steal on Gil in the final seconds that they are not crediting him for. After the steal, Gil had no choice but to foul him and fouled out in the process, finishing with 33 points, six rebounds and six assists. With the loss, Washington has fallen to 7-16 on the season while the Kings move on up to 11-13.

The $1 dollar beer was a hit.

Apparently Dirk was, too. I was watching the Magic annihilate the Raptors (by 19), so I missed this, but our boy Russ kept me in the loop. He was Dirkus Circus’in down the stretch, shooting impossible to guard shots and making both of his 3-point attempts as he finished with 35 and 11. The Mavericks pulled away from the Thunder to win 100-86.

Despite the loss, OKC’s shoe game still came out on top. Nike was smart and had the entire Thunder team wearing KD’s new shoe in an orange creamsicle colorway. It was a pretty slick move and felt approrpriate for the Thunder.

Didn’t help KD shoot any better though. He was just 4-for-18 from the floor for his 12 points.

Coming into the game against the Magic, the Raptors last 12 losses were by an average of 19 points. They went on to lose to the Magic by 19. On the way to the victory, Dwight Howard had eight blocked shots to go with his 18 points (6-for-7 fgs) and 14 rebounds. It was ugly for Raptors fans. Somehow, it keeps getting worse.

While the Magic lost Turkoglu, they gained Matt Barnes and I’ve got to say that I love him on this team. I love his toughness and the intangibles he brings to the table.

Jrue Holiday with nine points and nine assists in another start alongside Allen Iverson. The Sixers lost 108-101 to the Cavs, but hopefully Eddie Jordan will stay with the Jrue/Ivy lineup. Love seeing Holiday get more time. As he gets comfortable, he’s only going to continue getting better.

LeBron watch: 36/6/7/3

Melo watch: 38/9/3

Kobe watch: 39/7/4

In addition to his line, LeBron had a hell of a block on Dalembert, too. Wow. Okay, there were some other games on the jampacked schedule, but I think we’ve covered most of the madness. At least some of it. It was a great night. Now, on to NBA on TNT Thursday. Whoooo. Phoenix/Portland, let’s go . Give us a game. Jerryd Bayless, do your thing.