The Post Up: Si Me Gusta, Gasol!

by February 06, 2008

By: Holly MacKenzie

Before I say anything else, if my title doesn’t make sense you can blame Kobe. Spanish was the lowlight of my university transcript because I would continuously conjugate into French for some unknown and annoying reason.

Kobe drunk on the Gasol-love and I am loving every second of it. I do hope everyone here saw Kob’s postgame interview. If you didn’t it’s youtube-worthy if only for the goofy grin on his face. I wonder what his reaction was when the Shaq-Phoenix news came out? Actually, I wonder what ALL of Phoenix’s reactions were.

I was pretty pumped for the Laker game last night. Gasol’s debut and with the way Kobe has been playing as of late I knew it would be a good game. It definitely didn’t disappoint and Gasol had a great debut with 24 points, 10 boards and 4 assists. Kobe had….6 points. The most beautiful 6 points I’ve ever seen. His reaction was as cool as it was when he had 81. Okay, not quite, but you get the picture. It was a great, great night to be a Laker fan. Seeing Phil get off of the bench midway through the fourth to celebrate a Bryant to Gasol pass that led to a layup was pure ecstacy on my end. I’m sure there will be lots of ups and downs from here on out since this is still the Lakers, but I am just so excited to see what we can do from here.

Scary moment when Kobe jammed his finger. I know he came back into the game, but, it is being reported that he sprained the MP joint of his pinky finger. Can anyone tell me if this takes longer to heal than the typical PIP joint dislocation (typical jammed finger)? All I know is Bron missed some time with that finger sprain, I don’t want to see KB down.

As I write this, apparently the Shaq to Phoenix for Marion and Banks deal is pretty much done, just waiting on physicals. I don’t really know what to say about this other than it creates more subplots on a Suns team that was already searching for answers when they were playing pretty decent bball. Kobe vs. Shaq, Nash getting Shaq some easy passes, Shaq and D’Antoni, Shaq and Amare?! It shall be interesting. I am just looking forward to seeing Marion high-flying it in the east but, Heat fans have got to feel conflicted if their team goes on a little winning streak and messes up their chances in the lottery.

Anyway, back to last night’s action.

Kobe with the fresh shave. Looks good. New (old) look, new teammate, new direction. I’m getting nostalgic for the days of fro’d kob.

It appears that Lamar has at least moved on from injuring his own team to injuring the opponents. And did we NEED to ACL-replay Nenad? Jeez. My stomach cannot handle knee injuries and certainly didn’t need a replay of all angles.

I had a bunch of game notes written before I realized Lang was going to town on them. Please go read them. They make me very happy.

What I AM going to give you are some Kobe quotes from yesterday. Why? Because I can.

“We will have guns when we go into the gun fight instead of butter knives”

“Si me gusta!!”

“There is a God”

“I don’t know where my finger is right now, but it is not on my hand”

“blah, blah blah, feels great, blah, blah, Gasol, blah, blah”


Kobe was killing me last night. For Laker fans, this was more than just one great game from Gasol, it was Kobe finally looking happy and like a Laker for life again (at least, until things get bad again…)

I love Mark Jackson. He seriously cracks me up. I’m sitting here alone just busting up at this guy. Hearing him tear into Vince is too much. Hilarious. Not even that dunk can redeem him.

Kobe to Gasol, the celebration and the smile are just as beautiful as the basket!!!

It is only one game, yes I know, but, seeing the smiling on the bench is like Christmas for me.

DeShawn Stevenson took a nasty looking (inadvertent), elbow to the throat last night and was down for a few painful looking minutes. He eventually would return from the locker room to finish out the game but it looked like he was shook. Hope it doesn’t linger, DeShawn. With Caron re-injuring that damn hip the Wiz do not need anymore injury news.

Maurice Cheeks had to coach with one shoe off because he has the gout? Sounds gross and unpleasant. I somehow missed this during their last game. Get better, Cheeks.

While watching (and recording), the Lakers/Nets game, I lost track of the Cleveland/Boston match up and missed a good one. Another huge night from Bron. 33, 12 and 9. Oh right, he had 5 steals as well. This is getting ridiculous. In an amazingly great way.

Lakers/Atlanta tonight. New Orleans/Phoenix, too. When the hell does Golden State play because I want to see C-Webb in their starting line. Oh, Utah/Denver is on the sched too.

Cleveland 114 Boston 113

Playing without Kevin Garnett for the entire game and without their defense for most of it, the Boston Celtics dropped a 114-113 decision on the road last night. Thanks to a 33-point, 12-assist, 9-rebound, 5-steal performance from LeBron James, the Cavaliers were able to hang on and win their fifth straight. With neither team leading by more than eight throughout the game, the Cavaliers held a 106-98 lead with less than five minutes remaining before the Celtics hit a three and completed a three-point play to cut the lead was down to two points with less than two minutes on the clock. With the defense keyed up on James, Ira Newble went inside for an uncontested dunk and the Cavs led by four. A Paul Pierce layup would bring Boston back within two, but it was too late as Daniel Gibson got a key steal in the final seconds and Zydrunas Ilgauskas hit free throws with 16 seconds on the clock to seal it for Cleveland. Besides James, the Cavaliers got 21 points, 10 rebounds and 5 blocks from Ilgauskas, 18 points and 6 assists from Larry Hughes and 15 points from Ira Newble. The Celtics were led by Ray Allen’s 24 points as Rajon Rondo had 20 and Paul Pierce added 19.

San Antonio 116 Indiana 89

Still without Tony Parker and now with Damon Stoudamire, the Spurs rolled over Indiana last night 116-89 in a game that was the story of two halves. While the game was tied at 59 during the half the Spurs came out to start the third with the focus on defense and they blew the game open as they held the Pacers to a nine-point quarter while scoring 22 points themselves. After shooting nearly 70% in the first half, the Pacers shot only 18% in the third as the Spurs turned the game around and took an 81-68 lead into the fourth where the game was all but decided and the Pacers never really threatened. Stoudamire finished with 11 points in his debut as the Spurs killed Indiana on the boards, out-rebounding them 45-27. Tim Duncan had 19 points, 15 rebounds and 6 assists, Manu Ginobili had 15 points and Jaque Vaughn had 16 off of the bench. Danny Granger had 16 points in the loss while Troy Murphy scored 15 and the Pacers got 14 points apiece from Mike Dunleavy and Travis Diener.

Philadelphia 101 Washington 96

After trailing by as many as 12 points in the fourth the 76er’s were able to pull off an impressive victory against the Wizards after they reeled off a 17-0 run to take control of the game and not look back. With some intense defense and less than stellar shot selection from Washington (including going 0-10 from the three-point line during the run), Philadelphia was able to take a 92-90 lead with four minutes remaining and they cruised from there. While the 76er’s offense flourished in the final minutes Washington’s faltered as the Wizards were missing Caron Butler who had to leave the game in the third after re-aggravating his hip injury. It didn’t help that they lost DeShawn Stevenson for a portion of the fourth after he took an elbow to the throat and had to go to the locker room. With their shooting drought, the Wizards shooting percentage dropped to 43% for the game while Washington finished at 57%. Andre Iguodala finished with 20 points in the game while Thaddeus Young had 17 points and 9 rebounds, Rodney Carney had 16 points and Andre Miller finished with 11 points and 14 assists. Stevenson had 19 points for the Wizards, Brendan Haywood had 18 and Antawn Jamison added 16 points and 14 rebounds.

Milwaukee 102 Memphis 97

The new-look Grizzlies didn’t look so bad until the final minutes of the game where they surrendered a five point lead with less than two minutes to go. While Mike Miller shone for Memphis with a season-high 32 points, Mo Williams came out on top as he led the Bucks, also with 32 points, including scoring all 10 of Milwaukee’s points during that late run to take the lead. While Milwaukee held a three-point lead with eight seconds remaining, the Grizzlies still had two opportunities to tie the game, but three’s by Miller and Rudy Gay each fell short and the Bucks got their win. In addition to his 32 points, Williams added 7 assists for the Bucks as Charlie Bell had 17 points and Charlie Villanueva had a 16-point, 16-rebound double-double. Besides Miller’s 32 points, Darko Milicic had an 11-point, 12-rebound effort, Rudy Gay had 21 points 6 rebounds and 4 steals in the loss.