The Post Up: Winding Down 2008

by December 31, 2008

by Holly MacKenzie

Wednesday, Wednesday and itโ€™s New Years Eve!

This is going to be the shortest Post Up in the history of Post Ups. My apologies, as you read this I am probably in a taxi on my way to my apartment to drop off bags and bust it to the ACC for shootaround media availability after staying up all night working a night shift.

Oh yeah, I didnโ€™t see a wink of basketball last night, either.

Actually, that last sentence was a lie. I just remembered I saw some of Bron and Wade. That feels like it was a few days ago though, thatโ€™s how this night is going for me.

Be back in 2009, better than ever, I promise! Be happy tonight, and be safe. Xxo

Ps.. Letโ€™s hope the Wolves resolve not to screw up a 29-point lead in the new year!