The Raptors Aren’t Very Happy With the Celtics

by January 13, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

A number of opponents this season have accused the defending champs of showing little to no class on the court. Especially during victories, of which they have quite a bit. It’s now time to add the Toronto Raptors to that list of folks who are less than pleased with the Beantowners.

People in the Toronto organization were upset with what they (rightfully) perceived as Boston showing them up, when Rondo set up Powe with a wholly unnecessary late-game oop. From the Toronto Sun:

“I didn’t think that was showing very much class doing that,” guard Anthony Parker said. “I think we as a team and most of the league tries in that situation to dribble the clock out. I don’t think we’ll see them again for the rest of the year but that’s something to remember.”

“They operate as an organization and do what they do,” Kris Humphries said, “but every organization that I have been a part of would not do that. I think that’s a team attitude.”

The Celtics have said it themselves repeatedly: the only way to shut them up, or keep them from acting like jerks, is to beat them. So far, only nine teams have managed to do so. The rest will just have to continue gritting their teeth.