The Reason Dwight Howard Won’t Win MVP: He’s Too Tall

by Marcel Mutoni

You could list any number of reasons why Dwight won’t get his hands on the League’s highest individual honor this season, and none of them would be as brilliant as the one his assistant coach, Patrick Ewing, provided when asked for his opinion on the award.

Perhaps getting it confused with the Dunk Contest, Ewing seems convinced that Howard’s physical appearance is working against him in the MVP voters’ minds. From Florida Today:

Patrick Ewing has a theory on why Orlando Magic do-it-all center Dwight Howard isn’t mentioned as a leading MVP candidate: He’s a big man.

“I think it’s because he plays the center position,” said Ewing, a Hall of Fame center with the New York Knicks and now a Magic assistant coach. “You guys look for that flash and dash. All the other guys who are in the race are all small guys. He’s a big guy who should be in there.”

Despite getting a record 3,150,181 votes to lead this season’s All-Star team, the Magic feel Howard has been getting an MVP snub. “He’s having an outstanding year,” Ewing said. “He should be definitely in the MVP race. Nobody’s really talking about him. He should be right up there with Kobe, LeBron and Wade.”

Of course, it goes without saying that throughout NBA history, big men have more or less dominated the award. Nice try, Pat.

Anyway, some midget from Cleveland is going up against the gigantic Howard tonight in Orlando, something you might want to tune in for.