The solution for Detroit or Cleveland

By Sam Rubenstein

A lot of people have problems with the performance of Flip Saunders and Mike Brown. Let’s be real, superstar players are for the most part high maintenance primadonnas, and they only respect other superstars. In the NBA, it’s rare that the superstar player respects a coach that doesn’t have rings. Even if the Lakers players at times don’t belive in Phil’s latest philosophic waxing, they respect the rings. Pop is lucky to have the only low maintenance NBA icon of the 90’s/2000’s and his rings give him that respect too. Chuck Daly is retired. Larry Brown is working on his speech for when he takes over the Sixers during the NBA Finals, stealing the headline from the teams that are playing. Pat Riley is going to return to the Heat, now that Rothstein has them pointed in the right direction. Now, who else out there, still recently employed in the NBA, has a ring as a head coach? Hmmmm… who is the solution for Cleveland or Detroit…

Sorry Michigan fans, but you gave me this idea. Hire RUDY T!!! Detroit has those hard working scrappers (except for Webber) that all became superstars once they won their championship (except for Webber). The Cavs have one superstar that needs a leader to motivate him, not micromanage the Xs and Os, as sad as that may be. What’s a better NBA speech than Rudy’s “Never understimate the heart of a champion”?

Or I guess Rudy T could go coach at Michigan. College basketball is always more fun when the Wolverines are relevant. Kind of like the NBA with the Celtics.