The Timberwolves Will Happily Ride Out the Kevin McHale Era

by August 12, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

With the staff of Forbes Magazine being perhaps the lone exception, just about every sane person on the planet agrees that Kevin McHale’s career in the Minnesota Timberwolves’ front office can be classified as having been “gawd-awful”.

Nevertheless, his employer seems content to let him, you know, figure things out and decide when it’s time to finally call it quits on his own terms. The fact that he’s been trying to figure things out (and failing miserably) for over a decade notwithstanding.

From the Star Tribune:

In time, Taylor said he expects that Fred Hoiberg will replace McHale when McHale decides it’s time to step away.

“At least we’re going to train Fred [Hoiberg],” Taylor said. “He’s in every meeting, he’s in on everything. I don’t know that Fred would make better decisions than Kevin [McHale] would. What’s interesting now is they don’t always agree. That’s interesting to me. They challenge each other. I think they make each other better.”

This reminds me of that old Chris Rock bit, where he joked that despite his considerable personal wealth, no white person (no matter how poor) would ever switch places with him in life. They were content to ride this “white thing” out according to the comedian.

When Chris said it, everyone laughed heartily; in the case of T-Wolves fans, the McHale joke (because that’s what it is at this point) is probably not drawing as many chuckles.

(By the way, you should really set aside some time to read the linked article. It’s long, and there’s some great stuff in there.)