The Truth of Mamba

By Sam Rubenstein

Commenter jbn74sb wrote on a People’s Champ post called Laker Questions that the website kb24 used something I wrote. But I didn’t write that, it was written by Yannis Koutroupis of the blog “Lake Show.” If that wasn’t clear, my bad. I’m not mad or anything and I enjoy the exposure, but Yannis is the one that deserves the credit here. That led to me checking out some more of the site known as KB24. All I can say is … speechless. Jaw dropped in awe. Check out The Truth. It’s the poetry of Mamba. This might be better Laker poetry than Flea’s blog.
Oh, and here’s a clip of Stephon Marbury getting makeup put on before his TV show interview with Kobe, where Steph breaks down what makes Kobe so great and actually says “Why would he pass if he can score all the time?” Amazing.