The Worst Injury Of The Year

by Lang Whitaker

This is going to be a new running feature, where we periodically examine some of the more horrible injuries that occur during the NBA season. And already, before training camp has even tipped off, we have an early candidate for The Worst Injury Of The Year.

New Indiana Pacers acquisition Marquis Daniels may miss the start of training camp. Why? According to the Indy Star…

Daniels is dealing with occasional problems following a procedure to remove a toenail on his left big toe.

“Doctors decided to remove the toenail permanently,” Carlisle said. “It’s a healing process that’s taken time.”

I brought this up in a SLAM meeting earlier and nearly made everyone sick. How painful must that be? As Khalid wondered, what happens next? Does skin grow there? Does the skin grow in hard or grow in soft?

And if you really want to be sick, just go here.