The year in the D.A.Y.

by April 17, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

At the halfway point of the season, I put together a best of The D.A.Y., revisiting old writing and it spiraled wildly out of control to an unreadable 8,000 words or something like that. I learn from my mistakes. If you have been following the D.A.Y. this season, you’ve already read the material. This is just a refresher course. The quickest recap of the NBA season you will read anywhere. One thing I have tried to do with the D.A.Y., was make the title a reference to the big game story of the night. Now, I remove the repetitive phrase “The D.A.Y. of” and what you are left with is a summary of the NBA season that you can briefly breeze through and be all caught up for the playoffs. Here it goes, with headlines that don’t make any sense removed, from the opener to today:

The tech

Philly and Atlanta on top

Nellie got his revenge

The Hawks looked like a playoff team

The Mavs finally won and Hornets lost

Vince fell in love with the new ball

Peja went back in time

The Bobcats grew up

The Rockets held on

J.R. Smith outscored Melo

Nash beat Nellie and Nate blocked Yao

Nugget revenge

Orlando and Golden State

Utah and Jersey got Ws and Stephen Jackson got lucky

Kobe’s knee was better

Iverson vs. KG and other depressing events

The Mavs finally lost

Steve Nash dished out 20

The Titantic division sunk even lower

The game of the year (Phoenix at Jersey)

Phoenix copied Dallas again

The Lakers lost Lamar

Bargnani surpassed Darko

Baron vs. Yao

Reflecting on the MSG brawlers

The Knicks and Nuggets responded

Games were played after the A.I. trade

Dirk’s pain

Ron Artest had old man knees

Saved by Foye

Dallas and Phoenix playoff intensity

The return of the new old ball

Iverson lost to Philly

Gilbert from 32 feet at the buzzer

Kobe passed for Barkley and Marv

Sasha Vujacic was better than the best

The Bucks played without Michael Redd

Dallas Mavillainy

Rockets and Wizards supporting casts

Jason Kidd was NOT distracted (by his marital status of course)

T-Mac, LeBron, and Dwight Howard couldn’t do it all

Kobe over the Spurs

Dallas Revenge

The Dallas-Miami Finals rematch

Iverson and Carmelo together

Phoenix West over Phoenix East

Chicago stepped up for Dallas

Michael Finley borrowed Robert Horry’s powers

The Suns ran into KG

The Eric Snow era ended

Jazz without Booze

Separating the Dwyane from the LeBron

Tyronn Lue on Super Bowl Sunday

Nashless Phoenix over Iversonless Denver

The Boston streak hit 15

Giving up on Denver (that was stupid)

41 boards by Tyson Chandler and David West

Gilbert Arenas’s ego wrote checks his body couldn’t cash

The Celtics re-joined the NBA

LeBron over Kobe

We came back from Vegas

Nash made the Suns rise again

The Basketball Gods turned on Pat Riley (and he would in turn respond like a champion)

Ben Wallace was worth the money

Chris Webber ruined Ben Wallace’s return

$hamrock and Celtic upsets (shenanigans?)

Jason Kidd and the sharpshooting Nets

Philly ended the Phoenix reign of terror in the East

Ben Gordon vs. Michael Redd

Yao’s return

Stephon Marbury’s heartbreak


San Antonio in the never lose club

T.J. Ford and those frontrunning Raptors

The Golden State Warriors ruined everything

Steve Nash won his third straight MVP

The NCAA tourney

Kobe’s 115 points of weekend

Clyde Drexler Danced with the Stars

Gilbert’s roundabout revenge on the state of Washington

60 more from Kobe

Mike Bibby shooting and Ron Artest not retiring

Rasheed’s 60 footer and Dukies dominating the NBA

Grizzly revenge

60 wins already for Dallas

The Golden State Warriors monthly upset

The Pacers beat the Spurs. Whaaaat?

Marcus Camby was king of the class of ’96

The Wizards died

The return of Dwyane Wade

Washington’s anti-climactic clinching

The Clippers refused to die

Playoff clinching and Joey Crawford bigger than the game

T-Mac and Yao won the Big One

And we are caught up. If you feel the need to go back and re-live the regular season excitement, you can always go to the archive and hit previous until you find what you want. Looking back, it seems that I have an unhealthy fixation on the word “revenge.” I blame God of War for that. It is a pretty tight summary of the season, if you were willing to look past anything that happened on Friday or Saturday nights – with the exception of the brawl at MSG. I barely mentioned Portland or Seattle in the headlines.

Aaaaaah! I feel like I had the whole NBA season flash before my eyes. Don’t you?