This Is A First

by December 17, 2008

by Ryan Jones

We’re used to hearing big, strong basketball players compared to football players: Guys like Stephon Marbury and Deron Williams are built like running backs. Ben Wallace would make a hell of a defensive end. Kevin Love should probably be a backup offensive tackle for some Division III college team. You get the point.

What I’m not sure I’ve ever heard is a big, strong football player being compared to a basketball player as a way to illustrate just how big, strong and athletic he is. At least, not until I read this:

“If he keeps developing, with the physical make-up he has, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him be one of the top-10 picks in the NFL draft someday,” Hargrave coach Robert Prunty said. “He has a LeBron James-type body for football.”

Why am I just now linking to a six-month old story about one of the top high school quarterbacks in the country? Because last night he committed to Penn State. Ha!

We now return to your regularly scheduled discussions about Stephon Marbury’s bat-sh*t craziness.