Thunder Broadcaster Says Russell Westbrook Is ‘Out of His Cotton-Picking Mind’

by April 12, 2018
russell westbrook cotton-picking mind

Thunder play-by-play announcer Brian Davis is under fire after using a racially insensitive phrase about Russell Westbrook during OKC’s 123-137 win over Memphis on Wednesday.

Mid-way through the second quarter—after Westbrook handed out his 9th assist—Davis exclaimed, “Westbrook is out of his cotton-picking mind!”

The clip started gaining traction as Westbrook was on the verge of making history.

With his 6-point, 20-rebound, 19-assist performance, Westbrook became the first player to average a triple-double for a season twice.

On Thursday, the Thunder issued a statement condemning Davis’ comments, calling the phrase, “highly inappropriate and offensive.”

“We find the term used by Brian Davis on our broadcast last night to be highly inappropriate and offensive.”

“We’ve discussed it with the announcer and let him know that. He assures us it was not meant in any sort of offensive or derogatory manner and he apologizes.”

“Nonetheless, he’s been told the use of that term in any manner is unacceptable.”

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