Tim Donaghy: The conspiracy is real

by June 11, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

Mutoni is out in L.A., claiming that the traveling and lack of sleep got to him. But in this world of Tim Donaghy’s that we live in… I don’t know if I can trust him… I just hope he’s not lying in a ditch somewhere.

Tim Donaghy, in an act of desperation, has claimed that our worst nightmares are true. Is he credible? Was Jose Canseco credible? The answer to both questions is you never know who to believe or trust. Maybe the NBA wanted a 7 game series so badly between the Kings and Lakers in 2002, that they colluded to keep the Lake Show alive. Maybe the NBA wanted the um, Dallas Mavericks and pain in da a$$ Mark Cuban to get past internationally worshipped and marketed Yao Ming so badly that they fixed that one too? What the hell is going on?

Halftime of the game last night, Jeff Van Gundy had to sit there and re-hash the incident from the Rockets-Mavs series when he was coaching. Awkward city.

So, is the NBA conspiracy out in the open now? A poorly kept secret slowly being exposed? I personally prefer my conspiracies full of lunacy, the type that sound like the warped ramblings of a man scratching out his most dire thoughts on the walls of his cell buried miles below civilization. For example, if you connect the dots from five of the monuments in Washington, D.C., they form a pentagram with the White House at the tip. Or you know, that the reptilian humanoids have been hiding amongst us since the dawn of time, and that there are numerous world leaders who are actually lizard people in disguise who serve their dark masters. This NBA conspiracy doesn’t do it for me. Come stronger than that Donaghy!

But yeah, believe Donaghy, don’t believe him, question the desperation of his statement and timing, trust David Stern, doubt David Stern, who knows?