Tim Duncan Opens BlackJack Speed Shop in San Antonio (PHOTOS)

by January 23, 2013


Photos: D. Clarke Evans, NBAE/Getty Images

Back in December, we featured clips from the somewhat surprising RIDES Magazine interview with Tim Duncan regarding the BlackJack Speed Shop—Duncan’s one-stop shop that provides everything from wheels and tires to performance upgrades to lift kits to complete rebuilds. Much to the delight of Duncan, the shop is now officially open for business.“I’m very pleased with how BlackJack turned out,” says Duncan. “It took several years to design and build. The feel of the showroom and the shop is great, I think we’ve created an environment that car lovers will enjoy. My business partner, Jason Pena, has put together an amazing team. The end result is we offer high quality, state-of-the-art car service while providing excellent customer service. I’m confident that Blackjack can handle any project a car enthusiast could dream up and that’s exciting for me.”

If you happen to be in the area, be sure to give the shop a visit and see what it has to offer.