Tim Duncan’s New Car Customization Shop Opens in San Antonio (PHOTOS)

by December 17, 2012
tim duncan


photos by Andrew Link

RIDES Magazine recently visited Black Jack Speed Shop—Tim Duncan’s new car and truck customization spot in San Antonio—and spoke with the Spurs big man to learn a little about his cool side gig and relatively newfound love for cars. Check out some photos from RIDES’ shoot with the four-time NBA champion in the gallery above, and read some excerpts from the mag’s sit-down with TD below.

RIDES: You grew into loving cars. Where did the idea of building your own shop come from?

Tim Duncan: When [the NBA] had the lockout, and I had a couple extra months where I wasn’t playing or working or anything like that. I was just working out. We’ve [Duncan and friend Jason Pena] been throwing around the idea for, like, five or six years, like, When are you gonna open your own shop?

RIDES: You just kept thinking about it?

TD: I kind of got a preview of my life after basketball [during the lockout]. I was like, Man, I’m gonna be pretty bored if I don’t start setting something up now.

RIDES: So you started looking for a place and developing a business plan.

TD: A building became available right where I wanted it to be. I was like, I’d love it if I could get that building right there. Sure enough, it becomes available and I get it. And it starts rollin’ from there. It all started ’cause I realized I’m gonna have to do something after I’m done playing, and I wanna do something fun, something I’m passionate about and something I’ll really enjoy.

RIDES: It seems like you strayed from the centralized area of San Antonio that’s devoted to automotive. What was the reasoning?

TD: It’s where my practice facility is and where I live; I live up in that end of town. I thought we could just hit a whole other territory moving out toward the Northwest. So it was a fun area, and a new area where we don’t believe there is anyone around, and it’s easy access for me. It’s not like I have to go out of my way to get there; I’m gonna be rolling by there just about every day anyway.

For more, be sure to pick up the December/January issue of RIDES, on newsstands now.