Tim Hardaway and the Gays: BFF’s

by September 28, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

Roughly seven months after coming out and publicly announcing his searing hatred of homosexuality and all that is gay, Tim Hardaway seems to have found some light at the end of the PR tunnel.

The disgraced former NBA point guard enrolled himself at the YES Institute, a children’s advocacy group whose mission is to make life easier for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth through dialogue and education.

“I was scared out of my … mind,” Hardaway said of his first visit. “I didn’t know how they were going to act toward me. But you know what? They welcomed me with open arms. That eased a lot of my nervousness.”

“I just wanted to go in and get educated, that’s all. Get educated on what I said and why I said those things,” Hardaway. “I’m working on understanding it now. I’m not really trying to make amends. I’ve been there trying to get help.”

Tim Hardaway must have done something right during the classroom sessions, because the YES Institute has gone as far as to slap up his photo onto their website.

In all seriousness, though, Tim really does seem like he’s trying to reach out to the gay community and educate himself, and for that he should be commended.