Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

One SLAM contributor counts down her top 5 point guards.
by November 30, 2015

A point guard is what can take your team to the next level. An elite PG wins you championships and spurs the most heated discussions in the NBA. So who is the best? We asked one SLAM contributor to rank ’em, 5 to 1.

The list above is sure to spark a few debates, so get to clicking. And then add your list in the comments section below.

5. John Wall

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Versatility is to basketball as basketball is to John Wall. He creates scoring opportunities through tight knit passing and cutting through lanes to make his own opportunities, and shows up on defense too. This season he is averaging 1.2 steals and 2.2 blocks, which is the best start defensively Wall had since being drafted in 2010. And even with only a handful of games of Wall scoring in double digits, it is undeniable Wall has a will to win on both ends of the floor.