Top 50 NBA Players 2010

by October 13, 2010

No. 28 Rudy Gay

Rudy GayWith his smooth mid-range game, strength going to the rim, understanding of what the team was trying to accomplish, awareness of his role, and the versatility that he brings to both ends of the basketball court, Gay proved to be a perfect compliment for Team USA off the bench. No, he didn’t dominate the games like Kevin Durant (who can), but he showed that he understood his role and that the most important thing is winning. His averages of 7 points, 3 assists and .8 assists in just over 13 minutes per game will hardly knock the socks off you, but the patience and understanding of the higher team goal showed that it was all about the team for Rudy.

With regards to his role in the NBA, however, things are going to be a little different than they were with Team USA. After inking that fresh $80 million contract, Rudy has officially become “The Man” for the Grizzlies. After a 40-42 season last year the long time bottom-dwelling Grizzlies have a young core that remains intact and has become a legitimate threat to make the playoffs. But the guy that has to get them over the hump and into that stage is the guy whom they just laid the money out on the table for.

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