Top 50 NBA Players 2010

by October 13, 2010

No. 44 Jason Kidd

On last year’s Top 50 rankings, Jason Kidd ranked 45th. Jason KiddThis year, the savvy veteran point guard of the Dallas Mavericks has moved up a spot. That may not seem like much of a jump to you, but it’s quite impressive for the oldest guy on the list to move up, let alone remain in the Top 50 at all. But at age 37, the Kidd formerly known as Ason is still running offenses to a tee. And at age 37, he is still better suited for the position than most point guards in the NBA.

Has Jason lost a step? Sure. But it’s not like he’s breaking down. He’s still more durable than most point guards, playing in at least 80 games the last five seasons and also averaging 36 minutes a game last year, sixth amongst point guards.

And the Kidd isn’t taking up space at his ripe old age either. Jason’s first season (‘94-95) was the last and only year in which he finished outside the top five in assists. No difference last year, folks — his 9.1 assists per game was good for fifth behind only Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Rajon Rondo. The court vision is still there. The speed? Eh. The J? Eh. The defense? Eh….it hasn’t improved with age, but he’s still one of the better defenders at the position.

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